Readiness Level Indicator Tool

How to use Readiness Level Indicator Tool:

For each readiness dimension (that you can click), we provide you with information and suggestions on how to improve your situation with regard to the topic.


You may need to consult with other energy community members to be able to answer the questions. In fact, we encourage you to, in case you are with several frontrunners within your community, try to fill out the tool together.

When & how long?

There's no need to complete it in one go - your results will be saved so that you can add information when you come back.
Depending on the level of detail of information that you are able to provide, the questionnaire takes more or less time.

What comes out?

When you fill out information about your situation, the tool will process that information and show you how ready you are. In addition, general suggestions to improve the situation are provided. Based on these suggestions, you and your community can start making concrete plans on how to improve your readiness.

The best way to understand how it works, is to try it out!