User Challenge

Communities are made up of people who come together to accomplish a shared objective. In fact, it is the European Commission's stated aim that energy communities will give citizens more control and ownership over the energy transition. Furthermore, P2P energy often requires some degree of active contribution by community members to home energy management. One of the challenges for P2P communities is to make sure that (future) members are ready for their new roles.

Who are the users?

Households (homeowners and tenants) and household members, but possibly also business owners and employees, administrators and other building occupants of public organizations (e.g., schools), and landlords, housing associations etc.

When are the users ready?

The users are ready when they are aware, informed, interested, willing to participate and able to become part of an energy community project that includes or strives to include P2P energy trading.

How to find out?

When you fill out our questionnaire in the Readiness Level Indicator Tool, you will be able to assess whether your (future) community members are ready. There are questions about:

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